Professional support

In design and development of medical device software and more

Professional support

In design and development of medical device software and more

We are an innovative and dynamic team of engineers focused on medical software development. Our key areas are: medical image processing and interventional navigation. Besides, we offer general support in medical device development as well as accompanying our customers in electrical safety (ISO-60601-1) and electromagnetic compatibility (ISO 60601-1-2) tests.

Key persons​

Paweł Żogał – Founder

A computer science graduate at the Wrocław University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics, specialized in computer graphics and image processing.

After his student exchange at the University of Bristol, he decided to look for a professional experience abroad after, and his CV caught the attention of several entities, such as MedCom in Germany, a start-up associated with the Fraunhofer Institute, dealing with medical imaging and computer graphics. MedCom has a research and development profile that deals with introducing new technologies to the market at the interface of information technology and medicine. Paweł started his internship there and spent several years working on various interesting projects.

In 2019, he returned to Poland to start his own business. He has been running it with his team since then.

These are the most exciting projects that Paweł took part in:


The prostate fusion biopsy system increases early stage cancer detection rate by almost 100% - Paweł was responsible for the development and marketing of the product, as well as staying in touch with new clients.


A system for navigating and combining ultrasound images with other medical imaging modalities (computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging). Paweł was responsible for adapting the software to a specific model of our client's ultrasound.


Robotic biopsy needle navigation. Paweł was responsible for an application development that later became the company’s product.


What can we do for you


You can entrust our company with the development of software as a medical product in accordance with applicable standards - this is our main area of activity


In addition, we provide consulting services in the field of certification and marketing of medical devices (software / hardware).


We are also familiar with standards for the production of medical devices (ISO 13485 standard - general, ISO 62304 - software).


Lastly, we can organize and oversee a testing process according to safety standards (ISO 60601-1 standard) and electromagnetic compatibility (ISO 60601-1-2 standard).


If a potential business partner expresses interest in our service, we present the profile of the company and our competences, then we focus on the collection and detailed study of the client’s requirements. This step is concluded in forming a project to which documentation is attached in accordance with the standards and quality management system of the contracting authority. If this plan is going smoothly, we proceed to the implementation of the project.

What are our competences?


C / C++


Operating Systems

Windows , Linux



signal processing, image processing, computer graphics, optimization algorithms, GPU computing
DICOM - a standard for recording and transferring medical images
Experience with norms / standards:
ISO 13485 - quality management
ISO 62304 - software development
ISO 14791 - risk management
ISO 60601-1 electrical medical devices safety
ISO 60601-1-2 electromagnetic compatibility


Institutions we work with

UTT project

The UTT (ultrasound transmission tomography) project was initiated by the Dramiński company and a group of scientists from the Wrocław University of Technology.

The project focuses on creating an application for collecting and processing data from the innovative ultrasound tomography scanner. It offers quantitative ultrasound imaging modes for breast cancer detection.

We provide advanced algorithms for automatic water background determination, skin tissue segmentation, and 3D and 2D visualization of various imaging modes.

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